Friday, January 06, 2012

I have been feeling a little of the winter blahs last few days, that or my body takes longer to recover from banjo playing.

But news this morning has put a bounce back. I have been following a little battle of wills between the fine citizens of Happy Valley Goose Bay and their council and mayor.

The battle is was over a proposal to build a 300 or 450 [depending on who you ask] man temporary construction camp in an area of town that has residential and a school in close proximity.

One citizen opened up a Facebook page called 'Opposed to Kelland Drive 450 man camp'.

The page soon had 477 members, many very outspoken to the camp proposal and more so towards the council and mayor who voted 4 to 3 to allow amendments to the towns by laws.

The mayor did quite a bit of media appearances lobbying in favor of the camp at that site, making a huge fool of himself while doing so.

Any way over 100 people crammed the council chambers last evening at a public meeting. The proponent sent in a letter withdrawing their proposal and the council is going to take more time and study ways to come up with a detailed development plan. One would of thought one would be in place already but there ya go.

This sort of thing reminds me of what went on in Nain back when nickle was first discovered in the area. Everybody and his dog wanted land to build all sorts of hypothetical businesses.

Of course non of them came to fruition, or were needed as it turned out. Same sort of thing on a larger scale is going on in HV-GB, and there are many more less than savory large companies eying the area, so the fine citizens will need to keep an eagle eye open.

The northern lights are supposed to be intensive the next few days. Pity for the snow and clouds last evening, something was going on up there as the light filtered through the clouds early morning.

The reason I am on alert is from a story on CBC radio about one of the tour operators out Yellowknife way who does intensive research on Aurora Borealis, he is predicting some good activity the next few days, he claims an 80% accuracy rate, so I am hoping that it translates over this way, if only clear sky.

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hopewellwoodwork said...

If you get any good pictures of the lights send them my way!

Shammickite said...

Hooray for the people of HV-GB, sometimes you just have to stand up and make your feelings known, especially where there's a mayor and council that don't seem to be doing the community any favours.

The Pathfinder said...

Oh! You mean like the locals expecting a free pot of gold from the proposed Uranium mining pipe dream? Sounds awfully familiar.

The Pathfinder said...

Oh! You mean like all of the folks who claim Uranium mining will create a forever rain of riches and euphoric utopia? Imagine that.