Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm feeling so healthy and revitalized and green party'ish after last nights meal.

I wanted something easy to prepare but not sure what. Asked Fran for some options, lo and behold quiche was recommended.

Some times these junk mail flyers come in handy, had one promoting cheese as a healthy alternative.
One recipe was for Gouda, green pea and sweet potato pie, or  frittata baked in the oven or a crestless quiche. I substituted bacon for the peas and beside the Gouda added some Havarti.
Fran does not like hot shrimp so I added some of those tiger prawns to my half of the dish. Good prawns are great in omelets and rice dishes, but Fran insists on pushing them aside, even Siutik rejects prawns, my good fortune.
Served with a cabbage slaw with dried cranberries and walnuts along with tomatoes/olives drowned in olive oil.

The bottom two photographs were twittered to my by Mitchel White, he thought I'd like a look at them. They are of the first session of the NG assembly held in the new assembly building in Hopedale. Sent by android I tweaked then for contrast and clarity.

I had to ask the question, the one about the awful pink looking table. As I thought it is the speakers chair, and it seems someone forgot the golden rule of carpentry, measure twice and cut one. Not the first mistake in the construction of this building for sure, part of the roof section, shaped like an igloo also had 'fitting' issues. So I guess all these add up to the reason the official opening has been delayed.

Any way you can see the observation area above in one picture, the floor is impressive being of anorthosite tiles. I have seen photos of the entrance and stair way too, not sure what to make of it all, have to see it in person..


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To date I have received three comments on yesterday posting. One is up in comments section, another agrees with my condemnation of the trip to the Galapagos Islands and was via e mail and the other shall remain anonymous too. It was supportive of my right to express my views and encourages the exchange of ideas, it was in support of the trip to Galapagos, which I strongly disagree with and I sent supportive evidence as to why that is.

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