Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year All.

The old turned into the new under clear cold calm conditions. Fairly quite early, fireworks at midnight, did hear some vehicular and snow mobile action around 2 to 3 but nothing out of the norm for a Saturday night. .

Carter and his mom got out to Goose yesterday, a day late for his dads birthday, but dad was the first officer on the plane he left on, so all balances out.

You see a lot of adds on TV for surf and turf meals in restaurants down south. So I decided to try one my version.
We have these humungous t/bone steaks, way to much for one to eat, so we split one steak between us. I had grilled shrimp on a skewer with spuds and fried onions.

Then a jello trifle, my version again. Not bad though should have used strawberry jello perhaps. The red wine and vodka soaked cups cakes are the highlight.

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Rick Monaghan said...

Happy New Year Brian. Hope 2012 is a banner year for you and your family.

Rick from Kingston

Table Mountains said...

Happy New Year !

Brian said...

Than k you guys, hope all goes well with you all too, The ticker must be running on all 4's again TM?

Table Mountains said...

Weathers been great and now I walk on the good days. Wreckhouse days I stay inside and run the threadmill. By spring I should be quite a bit lighter on the feet. : )

michael said...

Sounds like a great tucker for cold weather, I stick with the weather here in Australia for the time being, until I have to go back to the cold of California.
And yes I know what you are thinking now.