Thursday, January 26, 2012

The communities trail groomer snow plow was doing the rounds yesterday afternoon for the first time this season. Not sure why this day was chosen, I would think it only coincidental that two members of the Cains Quest snowmobile race were in town for talks about the upcoming race.

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I have not died but I am sure close to cheese heaven at the moment. A friend and long time researcher in the area is in town for a couple days.
He came barring chocolates and magazines for Fran and a big bag of assorted cheeses for me. Timely too as my last cheese shipment from the south was almost depleted.
Included were some exotic cheese, from Ireland two porter [Guinness] laced ones, a Brillo Vino flavored one, three aged cheddar's, parmigiarno riggiano and an Oka semi soft.

The warming trend is still with us, nice low to mid -teens with -20 chills.

Happy Australia day to me, or what is left of it down under and a very Happy Birthday to daughter Stephanie. 

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