Friday, January 20, 2012

It is turning into a sea food week at the house, last night was poached char [Nain] snow crab [Makkovik] with mashed spud, peas and home made tarter sauce.

Today maybe pigs trotters.

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Just kidding about the trotters of course. Those are Siutiks paws showing the abundence of hair insulating her paw pads. Her coat is lush also, not looking forward to the shedding.

Having said that I would not mind a feed of trotters, when younger it was a favorite, with myself and my father at least. You would buy the cooked trotters at any delicatessen and eat them cold, tasty snack for sure. 

The storm yesterday was a fizzer for us as winter storms go.  Lot of wind with chills down to -30, not that much snow, Makkovik seems to have coped the bulk of the snow and wind. Goose Bay lots of snow, again.
For Nain 4 wheel vehicles are still driving around, that is amazing considering the council has not graded or used the trail groomer on the roads since Christmas. Another one of those on going puzzles.

Now we are into the clear and cold again, well colder than yesterday with -36 chills.


Jon said...

Yum! Ever thought about hosting a cooking class in Nain?


Brian said...

Some have mentioned it, former Northern manager asked if I was interested in doing in house instruction class.
I have not put much thought into it, in a way I guess I am instructional on the Blog, at least gets people thinking of eclectic meals options.