Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nice looking fillet of cod eh? Looks like just out of the water, which it is, frozen water.Fried up nice after dipping in egg wash then flour/cornmeal then fried in combo of salt pork [for the flavor] and olive oil. .

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Bit of a storm on the go, mainly south of Hopedale all sorts of closures, here we have wind and very light snow at moment. Must be something more expected as the school is closed K to 12.
The little guys sure but the bigger ones not so sure. We have had worse storms without closure, hard call to make I guess.

Which reminds me of this little anecdote. There was once a teacher here who had trouble with the school closing at all, no matter what the conditions. He claimed that the kids would go out and play anyway when the school closed. Some kids may have but not all.

When someone offered the it was a bit much to ask younger kids who lived furthermost from the school to walk into -30 to 50 blizzards the bloke replied, just tell them to walk backwards. True story.

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