Friday, January 13, 2012

I’m feeling like writing something controversial. There are a number of topics that meet that criterion; alas I feel I need to get more ducks lined up before committing to writing on them.

Yesterday was some darn cold on a consistent basis. The cold keep most people who intended to go off wooding stay home warm safe and sound.

But not all: A newly formed volunteer group called Omatik had committed to going and getting wood for seniors on the 12th..
A fellow up interview would be more than interesting.

With the weather as it was I felt for sure this would be postponed.

No sir, five ski doo’s [not sure how many people] took off as planed and came back with wood.

The logs were then cut and junked up for delivery. My hat goes off to those who took part and an extra tip for going off on such an inhospitable day as yesterday. Wind chills were in the -45 to -33 ranges while they were gone. Most of the time it in the -40’s.

Weather is headed for a warming trend, and possibly some snow, for the weekend, then back into clear and cold next week.

Update on the Omatik group: CBC had an interview with one of the participants this morning, I will link it when up.
Seems only three ski doos went with five people on board. They started out with three komatiks but one gave out on the way out, so only two loads of wood was available which is better than a kick in the pants.

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Pamela Williams said...

The cold weather making you want to be controversial?
Cannot believe the temps you are having. No complaints here!