Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nice little warming trend; -11, -18 chill, light snow falling. Everybody happy about that for sure.
Good bit of fresh powder on ground, not sure if I will go out with the banjo or wait for the forecasted wind later in day to deal with it.

When I heard that some snowmobilers were overdue traveling from Hopedale to Natuashish on Sunday I thought something was odd.
Like who leaves on a trip in a ragging blizzard.

Well now we know why. 

Talk about stupid and irresponsible, if they want to risk their own lives for some easy bucks go ahead, but for christ sake don't pout the lives of others at risk. These yobos should be made an example of by the law and the band members at Natuashish.

Later: If anyone has an E Reader then here are some photographic books that may interest you, the ones on Nain that is. Buddy had a link on Facebook.

I have been thinking on purchasing an e book for a bit, not sure what to buy, Kindle or Nook Kindle. It will come to me someday.


Anonymous said...

Which only goes to prove that if people are determined to have their drug of choice, they will go to any lengths to obtain it. (and so will those who sell it!)Booze &Pot same problem here, only here we both make it and GROW it. From Lynne in St. Catharines.

Shammickite said...

I have no patience with people who get themselves in dangerous situations and endanger the lives of rescuers. Totally stupid and selfish.

Pamela Williams said...

To Kindle or not to Kindle?

Might be better to put the money towards to tablet instead. That way you can look at photos, stream video, do internet stuff (Facebook, Twitter etc) . . ., even make phone calls (Skype) and watch TV, AND all in colour. Very good for travelling and using in bed or instead of turning on the PC you can do all from the comfort of your lounge chair! If you don't want to go Apple iPad, then try Samsung or one of the other leading brands.

Brian said...

The tablet has idea has been sloshing around in the back of the brain, now it is sloshing around nearer the front.