Friday, January 27, 2012

I am on the cautiously optimistic side this morning. I don’t want to step into anyone’s private space but felt compelled to share this Facebook post shown below.
It was posted by a young woman here in Nain, many of her friends commented on the post, all in the positive.

Elder abuse is a problem that is not spoken about much, and it should be. I commend this woman and her friends for hopefully starting the process of getting it out into the open.

Perhaps the powers that be will pick up on this conversation and start leading.

 Dont have much time for facebook lately, thats a good thing right...or am I missing out. Just came to log in to share about how I think elders abuse can get sickening sometimes, not fit. For example, how can a young abled man send out an elder in like minus 40 temperatures to go to the store to buy darn JUNK food. Its hard not to get upset when you see things like that happening. Enough of that negativity, on the brighter note....I will be available to give rides for the elderly here in Nain tomorrow morning. If you know a senior that needs a ride to the store, gas station, hospital or need water fetched...please dont hesitate to call [phone number deleted by Nain Bay] for a lift. Or if you need to run errands for an elder, give me a shout...nakummek.

For the decades I have been living here I, and others, have held out hope that the younger generations coming along will become involved in local and regional government and start the process of Inuit taking charge. Making the hard choices and looking after their people’s interest no matter their social or monetary status.
To date I have been disappointed.

Some things have been going on behind the official scene that is encouraging. Many younger folk are not waiting for approval from the puppet masters; they are starting to do things on their own initiative, the above being just one.

Several have joined the crises response team, on the encouragement of Fran not officialdom I might add. Others have joined the volunteer firefighters, other are talking on social media and phoning talk back shows.There is activity I have missed too, but I encourage all.

 Let’s hope they don’t get put down as has happened in the past [this is the cautious part, been bitten in the arse too many times I guess]. 

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome. The stifling atmosphere of the comprehensive claims era is lifting, a new generation of leaders is stepping forward to take their place alongside the powerful figures of the past.