Monday, January 23, 2012

Wow, hard oh Sunday: Wind chills down to the low -30's until 2 pm when they took a drop into the -40 to -44 right through to this morning. The wind and chill warning has ended this morning so a balmy -30 chill or so for the day.

My throttle on the ski doo was frozen too, had to go down to the airstrip so thawed it out with the heat gun. Siutik was keen to be out but not in that wind, she did agree to go for a run [with me on ski doo], a quick role in the snow on return and the rest of the day indoors, smart dog.

Update: One wonders what constitutes wind and chill warnings at Enviro Canada. Warnings have been down several hours yet it is still 68 to 74 K from WNW with -41 wind chill.. 

K to 3 closed and planes are on hold.

Upertydate: Wind dropped right off by 9:30, see what wind chill will be @ 10.

10: OK to go out now, dropped to -34 chill, practically balmy. 


Pamela Williams said...

Hells bells bro. How much colder can it get? Does Fran go out in this weather much??? I worry about the poorer residents in the community - how do they manage with heating their houses.

The nieces went home today. Was a nice diversion but now we will get back to our quiet life once more.

Brian said...

Not hear that expression for awhile.
Unless one has to not many go out in those temps. Fran is happy to stay indoors. Though one day last week we ventured out to the shops, coming back into the wind a guy in Land Rover stopped and offered a lift home, Fran took him up on it.
My cheeks were nice and frozen when we [Siutik] got home.
AS for many, I am amazed how they get through weather like this, so many without proper heat. One woman who stops by regular to 'borrow' candles, money, bits to eat froze her face one evening doing 'the walk'. Money is always returned, there are quite a few women who go through this all year, viscous circle.