Saturday, December 03, 2011

Moose burgers last evening. Toasted home made buns, tomato, lettuce, fried onions, mustard, beets, very nice.

Interesting story up Iqaluit way about a new vet. I wish her well. Check out the link to the painted van.

Be nice if we had the population [human] to warrant a vet here, we have enough roaming dogs plus the animals that are looked after to warrant a part time vet for sure.
Perhaps a roaming vet, on a boat [like they did for humans years ago], a boat loving roaming vet is what is needed.

What we have in Nain is the Inuit Community Govt. make-work program under way to construct dog traps. Not that they are not needed, especially weekends with all these weekend passes some people give their dogs.
We had traps before and they worked, thing is kids, and especially some owners, would go and let the dogs out after being trapped.

There will be a survey done within Nunatsiavut on caribou management. Only households containing beneficiaries of the land claim agreement will be surveyed, not that there is anything wrong with that..
I always have a chuckle when someone whiter than me says "white people are excluded".

Thanks to someone in Brossard Quebec, who googled 'robert bond port of cartwright' for reminding me of this post back in 2008. The comments show that history repeats itself by the way shipping went this year.

Every year now it seems we say, "well it cant get any worse". Well it can and it does.

Confession time, the meat in the moose burgers was from Newfoundland and not local.

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Ken said...

A short video of the world's dumbest hunter.

Old Brooktrout said...

I am anxiously awaiting your thoughts on the latest story of an aboriginal community in crisis, and how it relates to your own situation re. shipping, cause it seems that it certainly does. Thoughts?