Thursday, December 01, 2011

The bond

standing off Nain in the predawn early light. Then later at the dock.

Not much activity when we were down at the dock, you see all the stuff for Natuashish had to be moved before Nain stuff can come off. Bond was loaded for Natuashish first, but apparently winds forced the operators to divert to Nain first.

Of course there was no frozen goods on board the Bond, despite assertions to the contrary by the minister for transport that "all freight for Nain and Natuashish has been taken on the Bond.

You see if the minister had done any 'due divergence' his government is infamous for he would have learnt that refers with internal combustion engines for refrigeration can not be loaded on the Bond. Then he would have not made false claims that were, well false.

Lie I said before, you cant make this stuff up.

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