Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A friend at U of T sent this link and was wondering if many people in Nain know of it. 

I know that many are familiar with Labrador Inuit through Moravian Eyes, but not sure about the link to music and some really great photographs.  

You may have to tool around a bit with the links but it is wroth the effort IMO. 

Shipping has wound down MV Sir Robert Bond (Freight Only) - Finished for 2011 season. 
And what a season it was, sitting in dry dock all summer and making one late desperate run up the coast to save the ministers arse.

The Ranger is heading for Lewisport indicating she is also finished for the season. Astron is on the way south too and no news it will make another run.

Overnight temps are getting down into the high teens, at the house at least, little higher official. The days start out nice and sunny with moderate winds, around mid day the winds increase in strength, at least the gusts do making for chilly walks heading south or west. 

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