Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I/we attended the Seniors Christmas lunch put on by the Nain Inuit Community Governments recreation Department yesterday.
The “lunch” was followed by a merchandise bingo. I had to leave before the bingo, no really, had to pick someone up at the airstrip.

This is not a criticism but more an observation. The “lunch’ was more on the lines of a brunch, boiled egg, ham, bologna, bacon, toast and pancake and juices and coffee or tea. I noticed, as others did, that many left quite a bit of food on their plates.

I first to my knowledge was that six members of the string and brass band [all the same people] from the school along with the music teacher provided Christmas music during the event, a nice refreshing touch.

The pickup at the airstrip; I said to said person “pity it is so cold for you” she being from TO.
“Oh it is colder in Goose Bay” was the reply. “I thought I better buy some snow pants and warmer boots while I was there”

After an 11/2 kilometer ride into the wind on the back of the 4 wheeler changed the view that it was colder in GB.  
Its all relative in it. 

The Nunatsiavut assembly is meeting in Hopedale this week, fly in day was yesterday. It will be the first meeting in the new Assembly building. Official opening will not be until next year.

One agenda item will be the tabling of  ‘Asiujittailillugit UKausivut’ the strategy  paper for retaining and improving the Inuit language.
Fran will be keeping an eagle eye on how this is received by the assembly and the speed that it progresses through the various stages by the legislators. Let’s hope it is faster than getting to where it is today.

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