Monday, December 26, 2011

The leg of lamb prior to putting in oven. Lamb had been marinating for 24 hours in red wine/lemon/olive oil, I had rubbed garlic and herbs on the lamb prior to putting in in plastic bag and adding the liquid.
Things were a bit hectic later so i did not have time to take pictures post cooking.
Stephanie brought a cooked goose with stuffing, a nice young tender juicy one. The lamb was nice and tender and juicy as well.

The original intent was just four of us for dinner, but Fran had a surprise for Stephanie, she invited Brian John, Jane and Terrence.
Terrence took over the show in his entertaining way. After the meal Enrique and Matthew came up. After Fran familiarized Andrew and BJ with the game 'jacks' the two boys became locked in a macho battle to see who was the master, lots of laughter and well meant teasing. Just proves you don't need all these electronic gadgets to enjoy one self, a nice day all round.

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The weather was mild relatively speaking, partly cloudy and light winds, got up to -13 with -20 wind chills, nice change from the past days.

Looks like no snow of consequence for the next while, long as the wind does not blow, but some good snow falls would be more than welcome.


NealPam said...

is it about time for some more Surprise beans and peas?

The lamb leg looks good enough to eat!! :)-

Brian said...

You read my mind, used last of the beans and 1/2 packet pf peas left. Though from out last visit and searching the net I cant find the beans anymore.

Looks like you all had the feast.