Friday, December 23, 2011

Collage of action on the harbor yesterday afternoon.

Some taken from the ball park as the sun was setting below the hills, others taken from shore in front of Northern after the sun sank below the hills.

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We have our first -30's wind chill of the season, -34 actually, no wonder the house is slow to warm up.

We did a run around looking at the lights around 7 pm last night. Seems like many more houses with lights, and some people were still putting lights up, in the dark, with the wind hitting them broadside, durh.

Our run coincided with the team judging for the best decorated house competition, we kept running into them as we did our tour. You have to enter the competition so that is why they were moving faster than us.

There is one short dead end street that was particularly nice with every house with some sort of lights, and the first house on the street was quite elaborate with quite a bit of thought and work going into it.  Seems they ran third.

We cut our tour short as my hands were freezing and Fran was missing her Days show.

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Shammickite said...

Wow, is that ice thick enough yet? Nobody gone down into the cold water yet?