Friday, December 30, 2011

Despite the warming temperatures [it was up to -2 one stage] it was not the sort of day to venture out comfortably. Winds gusted up to 100 k at one stage with many sustained gusts in the low to high 90's.
I did creep out the back door to dig a path for Siutik to get to the bathroom, but that was it. I also keep watch on the front entrance, but because the winds were northerly there was no to little accumulation there.

So it was a good day to lay around, watch movies, check on twitter and Facebook etc.

Siutik has laying around down to a fine art as seen in the collage. The other is of Frans arrangement on top of the computer desk and the background is the south side of the house across the road with the wind whipping the snow into a large bank

Not sure what to call the dish below. BigLand had packets of raw peeled tiger shrimp, I had some Chinese noddles and some shrimp chips, what to do with them.
Ended up sauteing garlic and a little crystallized ginger, added chicken stock and white wine then the cooked shrimp, tossed in the cooked noodles and bobs ya uncle.

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I enjoyed it anyway. At least it was a little more appetizing, and way more healthy than the stuff many people put down their gullets, get a load of this story.


Shammickite said...

YUK! We took Isey to McD's yesterday to play in the playroom, and I ate an egg McMuffin.... first time eating at Mickey Dee's for years and years.... at least it wasn't a burger!

Shammickite said...

There's those little caribou again, I love them!
When we had our husky Sheba, she slept in the same shame whatsoever!

Brian said...

Another bonus living up here, we don't have all these temptations.
Have had some Mickey Dees in past years, but prefer to make my own anytime.

MargaretJ said...

Quite an ingenious meal! I don't know if you are privvy to the show "Chopped", but that's your description of the mean reminded me of.