Thursday, December 01, 2011

It is Nunatsiavut Day, six years ago today Nunatsiavut was officially sanctioned.  Folks who are lucky enough to be employed within the Nunatsiavut Government have a day off.
Any one notice any anomaly in that link above?

We had a nice little snow fall last evening, fresh coverage to brighten up the new day.

It is also a big day of sorts at the local [and only] hotel in town. Long serving manager Sarah Webb has/is retiring after ? years at the Atsanik Lodge.
Not sure how many years it has been, I do remember Sarah being there when I first visited back in 1978.

Those were the days I remember most fondly. Nain was a different place [as was most places]. The Atsanik was just a conglomeration of construction trailers and the bar was the most tiny of things, the bar itself was more like a personal bar in a home.
The lounge/ drinking area with its wired mess windows and darkened ambiance always reminded me of scenes in a  western movie. No shoot outs at the Atsanik but lots of other interesting action.
Line up for TGIF beer days [beer was in short supply back then], some times right out the door and into the snow drifts. I miss those days.

Happy retirement Sarah.

Later: The Bond is here, anchored off, winds gusting to 65 wnw. 

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