Saturday, December 10, 2011

Not a lot of difference [snow wise] between this picture taken yesterday afternoon about 4:30 and the earlier one I posted taken about 7:30 in the morning.
Looks like less snow actually, and there is. Not sure how much fell but at a wild guess I'd say most of it blew off to places unknown with winds gusting to 89k.
Some did end up around the house, wind blown on the west side and shoveled on the other sides.

We will need the extra insulation as the forecast is for a week of yellow balls and lower temperatures with wind.

The first of the seniors Christmas parties was held Thursday. Fran attended, I did not. Fran brought home all the goodies from Santa, a bag each full of nice little stuff that comes in handy.

Thanks to the staff at the nursing station health center community clinic for putting on this annual event.
There are at least two more dinners next week so I hope to catch one of those.

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Wanderbirds said...

We were thrilled today to receive your Christmas Card..........nakkumek