Friday, December 02, 2011

Well I think I have finely gone and done it

 and Created the la viande le mieux fichue de sol a couvert dans le plat de pâtisserie jamais, and that is without any realy good ingredients.

Yes'm, this dish had many good points that tingled the taste buds. Thin crunchy outer filo, firm juice infused inner filo, a cheesy layer, then a spinach layer on top of a potato layer all encompassing a great tasting herb infused ground beef and gravy bottom.

Even Fran was oohing and awing, and not a bone in sight, the ultimate compliment.

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As Fran said, "pity we cant get cottage cheese up here", that would have topped it off to almost perfection [I substituted Havarti and Gouda].  I did not pay too much attention to the aesthetics of arranging the pastry on top, hence I was a little worried about burning the top layer.

After a careful eye ball on the oven all came out well if I do say so myself.

I have paid scant attention to the goings on in parliament and much of the media coverage of the deplorable state in the community of Attawapiskat. If there was not so much going on regionally to deal with I would have had more time to pay attention.

Through Twitter I came upon this article that scrapes all the bile and empty  right wing rhetoric to one side and puts things in perspective.

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