Friday, December 09, 2011

With these minute by minute US style weather updates one gets a bit edgy. I think there is no need for this type of scrutiny of pending weather. Minute by minute updates on TV, same folks twittering, but then I don't live in a city, so am not sure if this over saturation serves any real purpose.

I know the warnings are taken notice of, lots of chatter on the streets yesterday, "will we or will we not get the storm as predicted".

Turns out we got the edge [so far]again. Light snow started mid morning, then it turned to cloudy threatening to do something that did not happen.
We missed the brunt as Goose Bay got hit good, not sure about Hopedale yet.

Some snow on ground this morning, what seems like moderate winds at the house are actually gusting NWN 89 k at the airstrip. Nice to be protected from north west winds.

After dawn update: Yep, its windy, not a big snow fall and what there was is heading for Greenland or Europe.
K to 3 closed in Nain, schools closed along the coast, HV-GB is all but shut down for the morning so people can dig out the 43 cm of snow that fell. Roddington on the Northern Peninsular had gusts of wind to 143 k. 

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