Saturday, December 17, 2011

This n that: 
 Around 3:30 yesterday I thought I should take a photo or two of our my Christmas decorations outside before the wind came and blew what little fresh snow fell, and it did, the wind that is.

Not a big deal but it does add some cheer and color to the front of the house. Fran is in charge of the inside decorations, we are in a bit of a bind due to the fact I we don't want to stick pins in the new gyprock ceiling. I am sure things will work out OK.

I had a bit of an culinary heart stop at BigLand yesterday. Here on a bottom shelf of a cooler were a couple of bags with Feta Cheese hand printed on them. Crumbled fete cheese but non the less an extreme rarity up these ways.

It was not long before I was trying out the feta, damn good but needs to have some olive oil added to it if I am to keep it for any time, then not much chance of that.
Last evenings meal was left over night, the four
vegetable with left over fried rice croquettes came out unbelievable. The added touch was the feta on top.
Beer battered cod with some pork tenderloin made up the left over meal from on high.

Carnivore Fran complimented the croquettes, especially with feta topping, and mentioned that AJ missed out an a great dish, AJ being a veterinarian and all.

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Oh the wind, it got up to 30 k by 5 and up to 89 k early this morning, not a lot of blowing snow as the warmer temps made it sort of sticky.


dogbait said...

You lucky sod. You'd nearly be the first on the planet to be visited by Santa.

Shammickite said...

Only a tiny sprinkle of snow here, but I know that other parts of Canada have some. Your decorations are nice... I only have a star and a few red lights on the bush by the front door.
I'm so very sad to read of the young man who ended his life at the high school. No-one to talk to, no-one to give him advice, or just listen to him.