Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yesterday was a great day for catching up on some rays.

. It was also a great day for a picnic; alas the picnic tables are still indisposed as yet, so we took to the harbor for a stroll.

So did others, some walking to the airstrip and others just tooling around enjoying the day.

In the evening we joined a rather large crowd at the school gym for the Seventh Annual Inuktitut Speak Off.

The speak off had been postponed twice in the last three weeks, a spot of crappy weather you know, so it was great for everyone involved that the show finely given a green light by mother nature.

Two students from each Nunatsiavut community competed, except for Postville for some reason.

Fran, along with John and Wilson Jararuse were the judges and Fran also the gave the welcoming speech along with AngajukK√Ęk Sarah Erickson.

There were certificates and prizes given out after all the students gave their presentations.

Third place went to Germaine Onalik of Hopedale [50 bucks]. Second place to Alicia Dicker of Nain [iPod] and the winner was Mary Andersen also of Nain [laptop].

The popular and culturally important event was organized by Sarah Townley, the school board Inuktitut programs co-coordinator, and Joan Dicker of Nain.

The JHMS brass band gave a short recital and the Nain Community brass band played a farewell hymn at the end.

PS. I was joking about the picnic.


Roy Acreman said...

Glad to see that you finally have some good weather. Love the pictures.

achaulk said...

I really wanted to see the Inuktitut Speak Off, except that in order for it to be held, the planes had to come in and when the planes came in, it meant it was (finally!) time for me to go. Glad to see an update about it on here. - Aimee

Brian said...

Thank you for the kind words folks, it sure is nice to have some sun, been too long.