Saturday, February 27, 2010

Having purchased some reasonably priced cod fillets at Northern I was in a bit a quandary on how to cook them. My choice would have been battered and deep fried, but seeing how CBC Here & Now is putting the fear of some one or other up us with their series of healthy living and how much salt is in our diets I decided on a Mediterranean style dish.

It was OK but in future I think I will forego the healthy thingy.

Yesterday the school had a parade around town in support of Canadian Olympians.

I only caught the tail end and can only assume that it is more in support of the Hockey team/teams than all the Olympians in general, as I said, that is just an assumption.

Back to high overcast yesterday and light freezing drizzle this morning, not supposed to last though, mostly sunny in forecast for next week.

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