Friday, February 19, 2010

Finnish sour rye bread, or some rather large bagels as one wag quipped.

In keeping with the latest trend the fur on the weather-vane was moist with added white lumps this morning. Whats this now, 14 days with no planes if we get through the day without.

That little food cost controversy in Hopedale I mentioned yesterday; the item in question was a box of Honeynut Cheerios [I know, crazy in it], the asking price was $14.99. Seems they were flown in but I am not sure of the size of the box.

At BigLand in Nain a 320 gram box of the little morsels costs $5.49 which were most likely shipped in via boat during the summer.

The facebook post received 38 comments from up and down the coast all expressing incredulity at the audacity of the store management.

My comments on the post was followed by a call from a government members constituency office, my bad.

Uppity date:

Up a lazy river where the robin’s song
Wakes a brand new mornin’ as we roll along
There are blue skies up above...and as long as we’re in love
Up a lazy river, how happy we could be
If you go up a lazy river with me

Substitute the slushy mushy roads for the river and I guess you would get an idea how most people think this hour.
Not sure if these patches of blue will last but there are good signs that it will all break soon.

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Shammickite said...

I hope that box of Cheerios in Hopedale was extra-super-jumbo size. The rye bread looks pretty good, baked locally, or flown in?