Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Looking like no planes today either, a mission plane made it in Monday morning but that has been it.

Most of the snow has been south of here while our weather has not been that bad, except for this morning with light snow and blowing snow.

One of the main talking points around town is the lack of good ice for traveling. Some people can’t get to their cabins; some can but have trouble getting there or have to travel on land.

North up around Okak and Hebron areas there is open water in many places, something unheard of in modern times.

The photo is of a recent trip inland undertaken by some Hopedaleimuks, fairly typical of almost anywhere in Labrador this year, which makes one wonder what the conditions will be like for the big Cains Quest ski doo race next month.

Photo by Elizabeth Flowers.


The Pathfinder said...

That looks like a brutal slog for sure.

The Pathfinder said...

lol-Looks like we are slated for 2 inches of accumulated snow here next to Florida today. The Gawd's are truly crazy!

David said...

What's the cost of food, gas, diesel and napths in Nain compares to own South?
I'm trying to budget for our sailing trip to the Torngats this summer.

Brian said...


The price of fuels can be checked out here,

our price is frozen for the winter so they will go up [never down] when the freeze comes off in May or June.

As to food; well that depends on what you require. Some items are 25 to 50 % higher that south, some are 300 % higher.

Nunatsiavut Government has tourism people on staff, maybe if they take time out from their busy travel schedule they could help you out.

Kristy Sheppard
SilakKijattisinimmut Aulatsijik; Director of Tourism
Nunatsiavut kavamanga; Nunatsiavut Government