Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Canarys on the picket line, Sudbury.

CANARYS on the Picket Line from Stuart Cryer on Vimeo.

Having a long union history the folks in Sudbury know how to do strikes and come together as a community.
Stuart had short stint as a TV trainer up her some years back. He help OKS put together a video on the joint Inuit/Innu protest over at the Voisey's Bay site before it was released from the environmental process. Back in the day eh?

Made up a small batch of bread yesterday and with the left over dough did up two pizzas, had them with a salad.

With the continuing shitty weather fresh vegetables are becoming a premium in the stores. If history is any guide it will be a while after the weather clears before fresh supplies are fresh.

We are still to received last weeks fresh that has been sitting in storage in GB, that lot wont be much good when it arrives. So we have to wait until the following week for a new batch to arrive into GB then flown here.

Put in perspective with Haiti or Somalia and the like it is really no big deal, but in isolation it is a big deal.

Two weeks ago today the temperature was -27 with wind chill of -38. It has been +2 steady for four days now.

Update: Planes only going everywhere except Nain seems like, still socked in in fog and light rain.
There is a lot of pretty blue out there though, the water on the ice has some amazing colors.

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