Friday, February 19, 2010

Saturday 20 February.

Well we had several pleasant surprises yesterday, the sun broke through the clouds, the planes arrived, people were out smiling and waving, life is good again.
The bubble burst at 13 days.

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Mind you the roads were more suitable for sea doos rather than ski doos, but you go with what you have.
Still, I can’t help thinking that sea doos may be the order in a decade, lets hope not. Perhaps our produce section will look like this an a decade or two too, OK, I admit it, the weather has gotten the best of me.

It must have been a slow news day down in Sin City, CBC radio and TV had stories on our weather and stories of drum dancers finely getting out and heading for the Olympics. Also interviewing people on the state of stock in the stores and photos of people out on the water covered ice. Click on photo #10 to view.
All good stuff for sure, perhaps some one has finely recognized that it is not all alcohol related negative news up this way.

Bye the bye, the weather-vane's fur was dry early but since the fog has dropped in lower with that list misty precipitation thingy.


Table Mountains said...

the leader of the opposition is speaking up about the problems in southern labrador but not northern?

Brian said...

The member for Cartwright Lance a Clair has always been front and center in speaking for her electorate. We up her in Torngat Mountains have not been so fortunate in having any one [for many years] speak out publicly.
Our present member says she speaks out at caucus meetings, alas how do we know if that is true and where are the changes taking place if it is so.