Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Earlier in the week I noticed some packets of salt beef in one of the stores [BigLand]. Nothing unusual about that in this province, salt beef has been and still remains a staple in a lot of diets.

The unusual thing about it was the price and also there was little to no fat on the meat and not a bone to be seen either. Anyone trying to reduce fat and salt in their diet should steer away from jigs dinner.

Any way I cooked up the beef in a form of jigs dinner last evening. I added a white onion parsley sauce to the meat before serving, much to Fran’s discontent, but hey, there are other palates to please, and I think I know dear wife’s likes and dislikes by now.

Actually the meal reminded me of the boiled brisket and white sauce that we had often as kids. Mind you the brisket was never as stringy as last evenings but the taste was similar.

To top this off I made a date walnut cake, this too reminded me of my youth, we often had a date walnut role in the day.
There seems to be a pattern forming, must be the weather, though it sure does not remind me of my youth.

I have been using Siutik as a weather vain of late. I don’t even have to look out the window to see what’s what, I just let her out for her morning pee pee and feel her fur when she comes back in, wet it inevitably is.

CBC Here & Now had a piece on the weather in Labrador last night, video of planes loading up with goods for the coast, the coast everywhere but Nain.
Still down in fog and precipitation could be for a few more days yet.

This story from down Sydney way reminds me of the controversial application to take Environmentally Protect Land [public land] and use it for private purposes here in Nain.

The applicant here is not a property mogul as such, but he sure is working on it.
CBC is reporting the cancellation of Cain’s Quest snowmobile race for this year, unsafe conditions is cited.


The Pathfinder said...

None of my brothers or sisters can believe I've never had salt beef. I can't even find anyone here who knows where to order it from. Apart from that sliced Hormel stuff in the tiny glass jar.

Brian said...

Maybe fresh or corned brisket is available at a delicatessen or specialty butchers. Still not the same heart stopping salt beef with all that fat and bones that is available up here.