Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My little François was interviewed on Labrador Morning. I sure hope they can find a spot for the song labraorimut composed and sung by Sidney Dicker, be a shame if they can’t.

Click on "the end of the road for labradorimiut means a new beginning for Tamanevugut" to hear.


Old Brooktrout said...

I really enjoyed listening to that. Hard to believe Labradorimiut's days are coming to a close. sniff sniff. Tell Fran that dragging upstairs in the boarding school was just william and I hauling our stash across the floor.

Brian said...

I sure miss those days myself. A new building may be nice n all gut it lacks character both structurally and staff wise.
All those spilt coffee stains on the stairs, trying to hide all those cigarette burns in the carpet and the occasional shacking of kaleo’s shoulders to wake him up, no trouble sleeping on the floor for that bloke.

Confession. In the early morn I high tailed it out of upstairs more than once, very spooky at times.