Thursday, February 04, 2010

Crystal blue skies and crunchy pristine snow has been the order all week. Mind you it has been a tad on the chilly side with temperatures from -21 down to -28. These temperatures are not too hard to handle, it’s the wind that takes the edge off. -35 to -40 wind chills make the walks a bit of a challenge.

On Tuesday the two of us headed out into the wind [Fran busy with a Heritage conference].

From the get go Siutik decided to do the lead sled dog role pulling all out. No command deterred her; she just turned her head back and gave me that, “this is what I bred for so shag off” look.

Giving in I jogged slowly with her a short distance then let her off the lead; she took off like a greyhound out of the box at Wentworth Park.

On return home it took awhile to thaw my face out, Siutik was all keen to go further, “shag off” I told her.

Yesterday while out on the ice I noticed Harald Paul in the distance, he was just coming from the gas station. Harald looked on the lean side, camping out in the middle of the county will do that to you, even if it is in a boat frozen into the ice.

Things are supposed to warm up with some snow after today leading to a projected 0 temp by Sunday, the break will be nice.

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