Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The price of a piece of fruit has the locals spitting seeds again. Though I would not recommend trying to spit a mango seed.

Highlighted below is from someone’s facebook, there are 13 comments to date all condemning the prices of foods, especially the nutritious foods. One person commented that a mango in Ottawa would set you back a dollar to a dollar and a half.

was going to buy a mango at the store earlier, but I refused to pay $8.49 for it, crazy .....

$8.49 for a mango is along way from $55 for a water melon, and the circumstances are different too, but it does highlight what is wrong with the system we have up here, as I have pointed out frequently there is something rotten in the system and it needs weeding out.

Trouble is no one will address the issue, I am still waiting fro a response from our MHA and the minister for Labrador affairs [sent last November] on my request for information on what the government is doing as far as openness and accountability pertaining to the food mail subsidies.

A cynical person could be excused for thinking there is some sort of protection racket going on.


The Pathfinder said...

That's a completely obscene price for a Mango. Just out of curiosity, do they add in compensation for benefits for the extra costs in food and supplies? For instance, when they say benefits to Nunatsiavut members are computed and capped to a Canada average, do they factor in the cost of living? I'm guessing no.

Brian said...

We receive a northern allowance break on our taxes of 5 grand per household, but then so do people in Lab West and GB. If it is tied into the Canadian Average then we are behind the 8 ball for sure as we/beneficiaries receive no other breaks for cost of living.