Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is what it was like for most of yesterday, there are many of building hidden in that thar fog, the fog lifted around 3 PM.

Several planes circled town during the day, not sure if any made it down.

This link was sent to me; boy some people have their heads so far up it boggles the mind. Imagine the brain size of people who would rather drive to the next state in preference to paying 5 cents for a plastic bag, most likely drives a Hummer too, nutters. Ban plastic bags outright, it works.

In the comments section; I disagree with ‘westsideshay14’ attitude on banning plastic bags, but they have it spot on with the packaging issue. The packaging is way out of hand and has been for a long time, time for the consumer to take charge and demand reductions.


Dogbait said...

South Australia does it so has Target but we keep talking, talking, talking about it. The plastic bag industry must have a solid grip on the balls of politicians here in Vic.

Brian said...

We could send you our mayor on a lend lease basis to clean up the bag issue.