Saturday, February 06, 2010

Torngnasok Cultural Center and the Moravian church in NL held a two day Heritage workshop mid week. Representatives from all the Nunatsiavut communities plus North West River and Battle Harbor attended, as did some resource people.

I did not attend but from what I hear there were some good exchanges of ideas and processes to follow when working on preserving heritage buildings, as well as tourism and how it can benefit the communities without despoiling the culture and heritage.

Nain would have the most to learn on the Heritage front, all other communities have at least one working heritage building and some communities have several.

To date Nain has one designated heritage building, just recently the Church received status but there is still work to do in raising funds to begin restoration.

Several other buildings IMO should be saved and restored as well; one of these was partially restored on the outside by Okalakatiget Society some 20 odd years ago. Since OKS moved to their new building that structure is being used by a construction company for storage and office. It is in dire need of repair and restoration.

Aimee from Them Days magazine also attended the conference and staid back a few days to gather stories. Aimee put on an exhibit of old photographs yesterday afternoon at the NG building.

I have tried to give an overview of what was there; photographs dating back to the early 1800’s in Killinik [the northern most tip of Labrador] and Hebron and Ramah to about the 1930’s in the communities of today.

Two photos of Fran's grandmother [below] one at a window and the other with Fran's Grandfather years later. How about the snow fall in Hebron? that is snow steps down to the ice for water gathering.

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