Monday, February 22, 2010

It was great to be able to go on a walk and re charge the batteries at the same time yesterday. Nothing like a bit of sun to shake the old cobwebs out is there?

There is nothing remarkable about these photographs except the snow and ice conditions are representative of conditions around the end of April and not the 21 day of February.

There were half a dozen guys on the chopper; it just stopped to refuel on its way to Goose Bay.

The guys were glad to be on their way home, a three day maintenance trip to the radar site at Saglek turned into twenty one days due to weather.

The twin otter and the caravan landed just minutes apart, both were full of mail and freight, catch up time.

Later in the morning; Thought I would substitute the lack of rays with some vitamin D supplements, now they are held up some place within the System of Canada Post. Oh, and the fog is socked right down to the ground again.

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