Monday, February 08, 2010

Not much sun lot of wind but very little snow for the weekend. The only blizzards in evidence were on all the American TV channels. Oh yes, St.John’s got hit pretty bad with high winds and tides.

Still, we have a winter storm watch and it is not looking all that great for the week. Still again, it looks like Hopedale will get the brunt of the snow…….. time will tell.


I was/am feeling lazy, can’t find much in the MSM news that excites me and locally I have not been paying much attention to what is going on if indeed anything is going on.

Then this morning I thought, “I have not checked out the Troubadour lately” so I did.

Front and center is an article on uranium mining, Aurora Energy and its interests in Labrador by Mitchell White.

Mitt is a Labrador lad attending College, I hear through the grape vine that Mitt will be returning to Okalakatiget Society come April. Going by this article, and others he has written, he will be a welcome change for the OKS and its audience.

Back to the article; it is balanced, presenting two sides to the story. While it does not get into any in depth stuff it does give the reader a sense that it is just not the corporate or government agenda that is interested in what is happening.

As to Aurora Energy and its claim that they have good turnouts at the community consultations, this may well be true, what they don’t say is what brings the people out.

Is it that they all have an interest in uranium mining and any pro and cons this brings, or is it the fact that Aurora advertises openly that there will be door prizes [like iPods at one I attended] and food and refreshments [not alcohol] available.

As to the so called; ‘independent economic assessment of the Michelin project’ what a load of codswallop.

The company is not going to pay anyone or company to give a balanced assessment of any project that they have invested money in.

You just have to go back to the Environmental Assessment of the Voisey’s Bay project to understand that concept, and that was done under the federal government’s assessment guidelines, this independent assessment was done outside any guidelines, except for the corporate guidelines that is.

It is true what Ms Lighfoot is quoted as saying, any information that is not pro mining is presented by individuals and or groups with limited or no funding whatsoever, and who have their back against the wall, while the corporations have bundles of money [shareholders money one presumes] and hirers who have little to no social, cultural or environmental conscience.

IMO there should be an open and frank debate about the pros and cons of any uranium mining anywhere.

There may be an argument that the mining can be done reasonably safely, but not under present legislations and not only with corporations doing self regulating on themselves.

Then there is the matter of who will be the end user of any product and if it is used for power generation how will the spend fuel be contained and where. Lots to discuss sure.

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