Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bloody hell, we are finely getting the blunt end of a storm front.

After putting up with moderate ceilings and very little precipitation all week, yet still resulting in NO planes, we now have rain/wet snow, winds to 82 KPH with snow and rain predicted all weekend and into next week. This type of precip always has me on edge; it can play havoc on hydro distribution and communications towers.

Pity the folk who are stuck in GB and the folk who are stuck here and can’t get out for their planned mini break in Montreal.

All this crappy weather is coming back on us from the north and north east. If that big dollop of warm water was not sitting out there in the North Atlantic Europe would be getting this stuff and not us.

Pictured at left is Silvia of the Gypsy Life; always with the smile is Silvia.Photo by Henry Bloomfield.


Paradise Driver said...

Thought that you and your granddaughter might enjoy this movie - Amelia

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.