Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yesterday was test kitchen time. Matter of fact there will be more test kitchen times in coming months seeing how I did not make a winter food order. Cant remember the last year I did not make one, be challenging and maybe higher food bill, see how it goes.

Any way this little offing I call meat loaf  En croute.  Simple but offers a different taste and texture to just plain oh meat loaf.

I unfroze a meat loaf cooked last week, sliced a section of the loaf, layered paté on sides and top of the loaf then wrapped the whole thing in pastry.

Chilled the pasty down in fridge then put it in a 450F oven for 25 minutes then 350F for another 20 minutes.

Not arf bad with the different taste sensations and the  light flaky pastry and served with simple vegetables and  gravy. 

Well we have some snow on the ground, not sure how long it will stay with temps supposed to warm up and winds in the forecast.


Pamela Williams said...

Up there in terms of innovation for sure! Looks and sounds tasty. Was it caribou meat you used? or just plain old beef?

Sounding a wee bit cold up there bro! Hope you get the snow you want...

Brian said...

Beef, caribou is scarce, on the QT I have couple meals in the freezer but keeping them for when the urge gets too great. Had piece of moose meat given us by the community freezer this week, will have to do a test kitchen on that I suppose.