Wednesday, November 07, 2012

G Grandson Terrence and his dad came down to pick up his gift (the hat) from a kind lady in Stoufville Ont yesterday afternoon.

There was also a large chocolate coin in the gift as well. Terrence wondered at then shyly played with the chocolate, with me teasing him about sharing.

Miraculously the chocolate disappeared down Terrence's tummy while my back was turned, no flies on Terrence.

 Terrence decided to spend some quality time with us, so his dad left, the four of us went for a walk, stopped in to the playground where Terrence got a wet bum sliding down the large slippery dip, hence no pants in the bottom photo.

Other G Grandson discovered we had company so Enrique called in later. 

After Grandmas unsuccessful attempts at controlling two under five boys it was slyly suggested that Grandma walk them home.

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Shammickite said...

Darn it! I forgot Enrique.... oh well, next time there'll be something for him too!
Terrence looks pretty good in that moose hat... I hope he likes it! It should keep his ears toasty warm. Did he wear it out on your walk? And I have to larf about Siutik begging for a quick lick of the chocolate!!