Sunday, November 18, 2012

Windiest kind of day yesterday, and on the day Carter bear and his fam jam were due to fly in.

First off Nain was out as far as planes landing so fam jam planned to stay home and try again today. Then it was decided that fam jam would get off the plane in Hopedale and fly to Nain Monday.
Mid flight the winds picked up and fam jam and Carter bear could not land in Hopedale so ended up back in Goose Bay.

As to Nain, the winds were brutal. Official 100 clicks with gusts to 105. But, an Environment Canada peep who twitters had the highest gust to 124 clicks for Nain.

I'm inclined to not doubt the EC peep, when we were coming back from the stores Siutik and I were blown backwards and peppered with blowing gravel in one nasty gust.

Good news for local sports fans; the Nain mens Huskies volley ball team won the regional finals yesterday. The finals were played over in Western Labrador. Next stop the Provincial finals.

Update: Carter bear and is fam jam made it in about 12, windy and clear but hell of a lot less wind than yesterday,

Unfortunately G Grandma had time for a quick kiss and a hug and boarded the plane Carter arrived on, she heading for Rigolet for women's group seniors workshops.

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