Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Couple nice meals of the last several days.

Nice thick pork chops Cajun style, the home made apple sauce was a nice sweet to the tooth contrast to the spicy chops.

Last evening was a soup of partridge breast with chicken livers, mushroom rice and dough boys.

Fran had all the partridge meat on bones.

As mentioned in the comments on previous post there are other areas of concern re any potential rare earth mines, whether in Labrador or over in Quebec.

A road of over 200 kilometers (as the crow fly's) has to be a major concern to the stewards of the land. Inuit pride themselves as stewards of the land so this potential of a road in such difficult and ecologically sensitive land should be very worrying.

Not to mention the potential threat to wildlife, particularly the declining George River Caribou herd.
To parrot the commenter;  it would also happen to cut through traditional calving areas of the George River herd and across the route of spring and fall migration. For a herd that's presently quite vulnerable, it's good to ask what impact this type of development could bring.

This link takes you to the satellite tracking service that Quebec offers, or used to offer, it was shut down to the public on conservation grounds, or so they said.

Since the caribou satellite tracking was shut down the NL provincial government has continued its rigorous and aggressive seeking out and promotion of mineral exploration in Labrador, this being just one of many.

Conspiracy theories anyone? 

As coincidence would have it the telegram has a story on a recent tourism venture into the hinterland. We meet these people while they killed time getting into the camp, I warned three ladies that their chance of seeing any caribou were next to nil. 
Ignore the picture caption, some wag on Facebook asked if that was our house.

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Darren Robertson said...

Here is the best link for hijacking any mineral commodity in Labrador or Newfoundland. No province or American state does a better job of selling itself off to Mining Concerns IMO.

A veritable smorgassboard of expensive rocks for all tastes! Sad aye?