Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Well that little warming trend soon got blown away out to sea din it?

+1 yesterday morning to -11 today with -23 wind chill, winds gusting to 76, poor old air line passengers cant get a break.

Going to be icy underfoot, the roads were all slushy snow and ice under yesterday, council was laying sand on hilly areas, now with all that combined things will be tricky, but what is life without some challenges?

The Aston is due Rigolet 6:30 this morning, if the winds persist it could be held up again on way up coast. Then it has to get back to Lewisport for another run up.

Update: Well the Astron made it to Rigolet, now it is headed back to HV-GB with an ETA of  6:30 pm according to the CAI-Nuntasiavut web site.
No need to panic or get stressed, the government has it all under control.

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