Thursday, November 29, 2012

A first, an anomaly and on to the unethical bordering on the illegal.

A first for the new provincial minister for works services and transport. An interview with CBC HV_GB on marine transport. 
The message has not changed from his predecessor, just a more reasoned sounding approach.

Still that does not get us to the point of dealing with the aged and ailing vessels at our disposal, looks like more of the status quo for the foreseeable future.

The anomaly is of the Nunatsiavut Government doing a media event in the fine city of St. Johns. Actually doing a media event anywhere for NG is news of and in itself. Maybe things are to change.
The video is longish but worth the time for a number of reasons. 

By the sound of the responses from government and Nalcor the next steps maybe taken up the steps of the law courts.

Unethical just does not seem the right word to describe the goings on of our MP in Ottawa, both pre and post his election.

If APTN has the bone then they are going to chew on it it till the marrow is sucked out. At least there can be no accusations of white liberal media biases.

As I maintained all along, this guy is in the doo doo he is in mainly due to dealings with bottom feeding unethical white guys with dollars flashing before their eyes, plus his own low ethical standards and dollars flashing before his eyes. 

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Sabrina said...

Verrry interesting, NG 'worried' about contamination from Muskrat but not from uranium....must be new direction from leader??