Monday, November 12, 2012

Windy weekend getting up to 100 k gusts, kept planes grounded to all the coast and the freight boat Astron was delayed leaving Goose Bay.

Spent Sunday moving some snow but mostly doing some baking for a fund raiser event today.  Peanut butter choc chip cookies and baguettes are pictured.

The recreation department of the town council acquired funds to purchase a van to aid seniors in getting around town for appointments and the like. The bulk of the funds to purchase the van came from the International Grenfell Association.

The funds came up a bit short by about 8 grand, so there is a fund raising program that will be on going as wages for a driver and such have to be found yet.

Today in the school gym a bake sale along with soup and chilli and stuff will start at noon. I am told the van will be on display as well, she came in on the last freight boat. Lots of little things to be worked out on the operation of the van so it wont be put into service until next summer.

Update:  Droped off the donations at the gym, lots of goodies coming in prior to the sale, checked out the van which is parked outside the entrance.

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