Friday, November 09, 2012

Getting down in the freezer, -9 official -11 at the house with -15 wind chill, bring on the snow oh snow spirits.

So much stuff to take my attention in the media, corrupt politicians, no really, Muskrat Falls goings on (I still have that splash protection suit) also see corrupt politicians, Feeding My family Facebook, boy do those Inuit north of here know how to use social media, dissecting this weeks election by all the pundits (not a lot of time on that, just PBS stuff), the travails of our Ottawa MP Peter Penashue-oh right, I already mentioned him.

So with all that to absorb plus doing Frans research on potential Christmas gifts I cant seem to get into the writing mode.

Upderty date: I'm going to have to order in more of those splash suits, going to be one doozy of a day Tuesday. Pot calling kettle black.

 I have some of my mojo back:

Did you know that freight moved into Northern Labrador and Black Tickle under the Nutrition North Canada subsidy program totalled 563, 737 kilos in the 2011-2012 year?

Did you know that the cost to ship that freight charged to NNC came to $978, 058?

Did you know that the $978,058 was paid to retailers?

Do you know how much of that $978,058 was passed on to consumers?
Well either do I nor anyone else except maybe NNC officials and they aren’t saying.

That 563,737 kilos translates to 41.4 Twin Otter loads.

Nain received the largest % of the freight at 198,515 kilos.
The pay out to retailers was $498,0754.

The average cost per kilo to the region was $1.735.

The average cost per kilo to Nain was $2.508.


Not sure how to decipher this one. Some one in Ottawa just Googled   "nutrition north" -hollywood -delhi -"north -america" -carolina

The blog was number 2 hit.  Could it be something to do with the Harper's trip to India, some bizarro pictures of the two coming out from over there.

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