Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who’s on first is playing again on the Labrador coast.

Remember yesterday I mentioned that the Astron was heading back to Goose Bay from Rigolet instead of doing the advertised scheduled run up the coast.

The word that came from our MHA after talking to someone at WST was that Astron unloaded some equipment in Rigolet and was going back to Goose Bay to empty out the shed of freight and head back up calling into Makkovik then points north.

I was thinking that was a load of BS……………….. turns out it was a load of BS.

Issued this morning on the CIA- Nunatsiavut we site is that the Astron has an ETA of 6:00 am Nain on the 29th, then ports south to Lewisport.

I will capture the report instead of linking as it could change at any moment, Abbott and Costello anyone?

MV Astron (Freighter)
Thursday, Nov. 29th
ETA Nain 06:00 am
Next port(s) of call: Points south to Lewisporte

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