Monday, November 05, 2012

Watching some of the footage of the aftermath of  the storm that hit NY and New Jersey brings images to my mind of  post apocalyptic movies I have seen over the years.

And it would seem that if things don’t get back on track sooner rather than later life will be imitating art in a more serious way. Haiti and other third world spots around the world may get hit harder by mother nature but they have had less to loose 9for want of a better term) and are not as comfortable shall we say.

We were wondering about friends who lives out on Long Island, we finely received an e mail from them this morning.

Their town, at the end of the rail line, was hit hard but their home was spared. No power for a week and there is still no gasoline to be had, and kids have to go back to school and parents to work today. Trains are running again (sort of) siphoning the last of the gas from you boat just won’t do it I would think.

Friends were lucky as other close by lost everything.

Our thoughts are with you and your fellow sufferers.

Very changeable foggy
cloudy weekend, spent good part of it tweeting weather updates to Air Labrador of which they were thankful.

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