Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yesterday started out fine and dandy weather wise. Planes on the go playing catch up with passengers both ways and freight coming into the coast. The provincial court circuit staff had been stuck here since Friday.

Then sort of out of the blue a front moved in with light snow and closed down on Nain and other communities. Planes had to deal with freezing conditions at altitude, some turned back to Goose Bay and others who were closer to their destinations and found holes in the clouds got down safely.

On the water things were status quo, nothing moving.
The Astron had been at the dock in Goose Bay storm bound, it had an ETA Rigolet of 7pm last evening.

The fund raiser for the Seniors Van mentioned yesterday realized $1,538:50.
Kudos to all those who organized and worked hard to put this on and to the people who donated food items or cash.

Now here is a great recipe just geared to today's rush rush world (not), poached eggs that take up to 2 hours to cook. Or perhaps it is geared to today's uber rich who can place an order a day ahead and pop in for breky on the way to the hairdresser.

Today is PP day, Our beleaguered Member in Ottawa is going to explain all the overspending and alleged illegal fund raising during the last election to his constituents some time today.

From what I can ascertain on social media no media are invited, there is no venue set and no time st for this great revelation.

Important upertydate:  
On PP day, lady was just on CBC Labrador morning, she called PP this morning as he had not replied to her e mail of last week asking where and when the explanation would be.

PP told said lady that he had meet with some people last evening and is intending on meeting with some more people today.
Lady asked about a public meeting, PP said if any one want to contact him they can either e mail him, sent a snail mail or call his cell phone, he gave her his cell number.

The hole is getting deeper, time to start back fill by sound of things.

Super duper important upertydate:

PP had no intentions of meeting with his constituents as he had most of the country believe. Instead he issues a press release.
Talk about PP Pee Peeing allover his constituents and pushing his election official agent under the bus.
By that criteria I guess his ex official agent has no business in the job he was appointed to after PP won the election.

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