Monday, November 26, 2012

No fly weekend

with fog, light snow, light rain, low clouds you name it we had it.

In my back and forth twittering with one of the air lines it came to my attention that Nav Canada Wx cams are badly needed and should be installed in all the coastal communities.

Environment Canada often does not give precise information on ceilings and visibility, and with constant changes like this weekends the Wx cams would be an invaluable extra tool for the air lines.

 There are only 4 Wx cams in all of Labrador, two of them on the north coast.

Time for the community councils and other players to start lobbying for this to change. Even if cams are installed outside of Nav Can it would be a way for the airlines to log in and check the local conditions regularly.

Update: Same conditions today as well, same result with airlines not sure if they can get into Nain. 

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