Thursday, November 15, 2012

Something a little different (for us) last evening; wineless chicken cacciatore, having no wine I substituted beer.

The Astron is creeping its way up the coast leaving damaged freight and not leaving freight as it goes.

In one part a ski doo destined for a port further up the coast was dropped from height onto the deck, pity the poor bugger who is waiting for it.

In Hopedale one of the relatives was anxiously waiting for a new washer to arrive. They had been without a washer for some time so excitement was in the air when they were informed that said washer was on the boat.

After the boat departed and the relative went looking for the washer it was discovered there was no washer, it was still on the boat.

Now the washer goes rest of the way up the coast and back down the coast to Lewisport then up the coast again and this time hopefully dropped off (not literally) in Hopedale.

The sad part is that these two incidences described above are not an anomaly, they are more the norm.

I hear that the last day to ship goods out of Lewisport and anywhere else is this Friday.

This is another anomaly as in all previous years the closure dates varied between Lewisport and Goose Bay and the coast.


Ken said...

Looking forward to the inside dope on the big Nain drug bust.

Brian said...

Me too, so I found out, sure a surprise to me, just shows how out out of touch I am with the dope scene.